Meeting Schedule

Last Tuesday of the month unless noted otherwise.


Jan James Bender: Everything you need to know about REST
Feb Matt Groves: The class that knew too much: Refactoring Spaghetti Code
Mar William Wallace: Gadgeteering
Apr Dan Moyer: Instrumenting Your Code for Better Performance using ETW
May 29 David Giard: HTML5 is the Future of the Web
Jun 27 Jamie Wright: Rails for the .NET Developer
Jul Nate King: Responsive Design with Bootstrap
Jeremy Sublett: SQL Analysis Services for .NET Developers
Aug Chuck Catron: Mobile Development in the Cloud
Sep Ryan Lanciaux: AngularJS for Web Developers
Oct 30 Dennis Burton: Windows Azure Service Bus – Your Private Transit Authority
Nov 19 Brian Walter: Tools for IIS and Web Services Trouble Shooting
Dec 17 Brian Prince: Gamification of our World


Jan Paul Burns: The Windows 8 Developer Preview Safari
Feb John Sonmez: An Introduction to the PhoneGap mobile platform – from Pluralsight
Mar Jeremy Sublett: PowerShell Scripting for .NET Developers
Apr Nate King: Simplify Your Data Access
May 22 Chris Woodruff: Learning How to Shape and Configure an OData Feed for High Performing Web Sites and Applications
Jun Sam Nasr: New Features in Silverlight 5.0
Jul Dennis Burton: Single Page, Real Time Web Apps Using Node.js And Windows Azure
Aug Mario Vargas: Simplifying front-end development with MVVM and Knockout.js
Sep Jason Follas: Custom Graphics for Your Web Application: The HTML5 Canvas and Kinetic.js
Oct 29 Randy Pagels: What’s new in the Visual Studio 2012 IDE and What’s new in Visual Studio 2012 for Application Lifecycle Management
Nov Michael Collier: What’s New in Windows Azure
Dec Geek Dinner: Date TBD likely during 2nd week