April 2015 Meeting Announcement

Note: Meeting will be Wednesday, April 29th
Forget the big mapper, switch to Dapper

A full-blown OR/M like NHibernate or Entity Framework is not always necessary. Often you will spend too much time learning quirks, battling performance, and struggling with edge cases. Dapper is a “micro OR/M” that was first created for use on StackOverflow.com. Dapper has a small, but easy to use feature set that will race you to productivity. You’ll be able to achieve speed comparable to plain ADO.NET without all the extra ceremony. In this session, you’re introduced to Dapper, its benefits, and its limitations. You’ll see how it’s used in real projects and you’ll learn why you should start simple with your next data access layer.

Matthew D. Groves

Matthew D. Groves is a guy who loves to code.  It doesn’t matter if it’s C#, jQuery, PHP, or submitting pull requests.  He has been coding ever since he wrote a QuickBASIC point-of-sale app for his parent’s pizza shop back in the 90s.  He currently works remotely for Heuristic Solutions. In his free time, he spends time with his family, watches the Reds, and gets involved in the developer community.  He is the author of AOP in .NET (published by Manning), and is also a Microsoft MVP.


Pizza/Geek Dinner
Pizza will be provided as a snack during the meeting. For anyone interested in continuing the discussion a Geek Dinner will be held immediately after the meeting (Location – Logan’s Irish Pub).

5:30pm – 7:30pm
Wednesday April 29, 2015

Marathon Petroleum Company – Findlay, OH
Room 106M