April 2014 Meeting Announcement

Creating a Plug-in Architecture in .NET

Wouldn’t it be great to extend your application by just dropping in a DLL? Plug-in architectures make it possible, and I’ll show you how to make it easy. I’ll lead you through a quick refresher on dependency injection and then show you how to build onto that foundation to create a plug-in architecture. During a walk-through of a sample MVC application, we will discuss plug-in strategies and frameworks, as well as how to make decisions on where the plug-in points should go.


Ondrej Balas

Ondrej Balas is the owner of UseTech Design, a small development company based in Troy, MI that focuses primarily on .NET and other Microsoft technologies. He began writing code at a young age and hasn’t stopped. Most of the work he does today is in big data, algorithm design, and software architecture.

Pizza/Geek Dinner
Pizza will be provided as a snack during the meeting. For anyone interested in continuing the discussion a Geek Dinner will be held immediately after the meeting (Location – Logan’s Irish Pub).

5:30pm – 7:30pm
Tuesday April 29, 2014

Marathon Petroleum Company – Findlay, OH
Room 286M